Our school is always in need of items! Please feel free to drop off items at the office or reach out to the PTO for more details. 


Band Wish List:

- Tissues
- Black Expo Markers
- Clarinet Reeds
- Alto Sax Reeds
- Violin/Viola Rosin
- Fractional Violin Stings (1/2, ¾)
- Short Scale Viola Stings
- Old band or strings books


Art Wish List:


-markers, metallic markers, highlighter markers, neon markers, sharpie markers, wide
markers, fine point markers, any markers…etc…
-paper of any type, copy paper, cardstock paper, thick watercolor paper, bright, pastels,
scrapbooking paper with patterns
-basic staplers
-fancy or regular hole punches
-tapes of all kinds--- masking tape, packing tape, duct tape, scotch tape, double-sided tape
-Short Pringles cans (emptied)---I love them for holding pens, pencils etc…


Nurse Wish List:

-Bottled water