Read-a-thon Fundraiser Sponsored by RAS, Grey Collection, Patterson Homes, and Miller Legacy Homes

 Where to Register   Mybooster.com (OPEN NOW for Pre-registration!)
 How to Raise Funds

  Ask Friends and Family to sponsor your reading by giving flat donations

 What it supports

  PTO operating budget to support Redfield Teachers, Students, and to build community

 Start and End Dates   January 31st at 3:15pm - February 9th at 9pm


In lieu of our regular Fun Run Fundraiser, Redfield PTO is hosting a Read-a-thon January 31st through February 9th. Students will be bringing home a handout on the event this week. Any donations collected before the official start will count towards prizes; however, minutes logged for reading before the official start will not count toward prizes.


What is a Read-a-thon?


The read-a-thon is an event that encourages children to become better readers and learners by nurturing a joy of reading. This will also be our largest fundraiser of the year, it is in lieu of the fun run. Students will collect donations from sponsors and have 10 days to read as much as possible.


Every day, beginning January 31st  through February 9th, participants will earn money by asking for sponsorships on mybooster.com for their efforts in reading.  Participants will get pledges from family and friends to support them.  Sponsors can pledge by making a flat donation.  Participants will receive prizes as they hit different metrics. 


Why Donate?


Please help us reach our goal of raising $40,000. The majority of this money goes directly to teachers for supplies in their classrooms. The remaining is used to fund Athletes in Training at recess and enables the PTO to throw community events like Ringo and the Trunk or Treat. It also provides grants for things like the scholastic news, community gardens, kindergarten chicks and ducks, 5th grade farewell breakfast and upgrading the portable sound system.


What Minutes Count?

  • Reading before and after school counts; This includes during Kids Club.
  • Reading before the official beginning of the Read-A-Thon does not count
  • Reading during class does not count
  • Being read to by other people counts so long as it isn't during school
  • Homework reading counts so long as it is done before or after school
  • Reading aloud to a pet counts
  • Reading aloud to other people counts. If you happen to read to someone who is also participating in the Read-A-Thon, it counts for both of you!
  • Active Listening to Audiobooks in the car counts

What Will Happen?

  1. Families will go to mybooster.com starting anytime after January 23rd and create an account for their child. Choose "Redfield Elementary" and your child's teacher. 
  2. Tuesday Jan 31st Teachers will play a video in their classrooms to kick off the Read-a-thon. All participants who have pre-registered will receive their Read for Redfield T Shirt! We will pass out T Shirts all week long as students register. 
  3. Each evening before 9pm students will log their minutes from the day on their mybooster.com account. Any minutes logged after 9pm will be counted following the next day. (This way the volunteers are not staying up too late!)
  4. During the event, morning announcements will reveal the leading class and individual for reading and leading class for donations.  Any time there is a lead change the new class will get a sticker to display on their water bottle or backpack. The leading reader will be displayed on the school marquee. 
  5. Other special announcements will be made when 
    1. Any class reaches 90% Registration; they will receive a treat in class
  6. Feb 6th through Feb 10th will be a Reading Spirit week
    1. Feb 6, Read backwards - wear your clothes backwards
    2. Feb 7, Crazy hair, Don’t care (my nose is in a book)
    3. Feb 8, Read like a Fox in socks, wear crazy socks
    4. Feb 9, Read in style, sport your favorite fashion
    5. Feb 10 Read in Red for Redfield Spirit! 
  7. Every day at lunch the PTO will play music and pass out a jelly bracelet to kids who have logged minutes or gotten donations the day before. On several different days during the event  the PTO will distribute prizes that have been earned according to the students tier.
  8. Thursday Feb 9th at 9pm all minutes will be cut off and prizes for donations will end. We will leave the website open for donations until Feb 17th. 
  9. Feb 17th We will announce our final income, give out the raffle prizes by calling all winners to the office to choose in order. We will have a Celebration Party at all recesses on the basketball court between K-1 and 2-3 playgrounds to celebrate all the amazing reading the kids did!
  10. For any questions about or during our Read for Redfield Fundraiser please reach out to contact@redfieldpto.com.
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