The PTO supports the following programs financially and/or through volunteerism:


Gardens for each Grade Level

Teacher Break room and Workroom Support, including a new laminator coming soon!

Cool Room 17 spruce up

Impact Recess Program

1st through 5th Scholastic News

Kindergarten Chicks and Ducks

Kindergarten Fluency and Fitness






Impact Recess Program:

AIT IMPACT Recess Program- making an impact on children on and off the playground

Kids learn about life while on the playground – how to treat others, how to negotiate and resolve conflict, how to win and lose, and how to fall down and get right back up again.


Nearly half of the children in America get the majority of their daily exercise during recess.  The playground is also where children learn so much about life.  Athletes in Training’s  Impact Recess Program is designed to work with schools and districts to make recess a time for kid’s to get moving, to play hard, and to learn important life skills.  AIT provides coaches during recess to teach, lead and coach children in games, sports, and fun activities.  

At Redfield Athletes in Training provides:

  • Inclusion of all students with no one left on the sidelines
  • Increased physical activity encourages healthy living
  • Cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship are taught and modeled
  • Kids feel safer, and bullying incidents decrease
  • Active children are more likely to get involved in other programs
  • Supportive relationships among children are fostered
  • Conflict resolution, healthy play and other life skills are taught
  • Increased activity leads to more focus in the classroom
  • Teachers spend less time solving conflicts and more time educating children

AIT’s Impact Recess Program uses well trained paid coaches, not volunteers.  It was developed by educators, counselors and life-long coaches.  They are a professional organization and have been in the Valley for over 30 years!